Dream, Passion, Action

Discover what many have achieved by first having  the vision, then the passion which needs action.  Everyone has to start somewhere. View the inspiring  stories of many who believed they could achieve their goals. No matter what age, gender or culture, you can choose the career path that ignites your spirit. All you need is to believe in the dream, ignite the passion to start the drive thats put it in to action.  JuS Dew U is committed to showcasing the many different career paths to show you that if they can DeW it so can U.

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There are many ways beauty can be enhanced, and cosmetics is number one. However, there are various cosmetic products out there to choose from, including household names such as Mary Kay.

JuS Dew U in Milwaukee, Wisconsin focuses the spotlight on Sarita Felder, an independent beauty consultant for Mary Kay. She is an awesome woman of God and fantastic consultant. Her patience and ability to care for her customers is exceptional.

Take a look at her in action at Bradford Memorial’s A. M. E. Health Fair by viewing the video below. Call her today for an individual or a group consultation. She is ready, willing, and well-stocked for all your beauty needs.


JuS DeW U is proud to support 

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Studio Visions are one of the best parts of JuS DeW U capturing the real you. There should never be a question of Who U Are. Always mix n match the props but never the stage. No one will know how you are if you don't show them. 

Take your time and get all your I's dotted and your T's crossed. Make sure every thing is on point. Never leave a stone uncovered when you launch your ideal, spot, or item. Remember your Brand is your baby, its a part of you and no one is going to birth it, raise it and treat it like you will.  Focus, be patient and most all JuS DeW U.

Relax with the JuS DeW U Way

It is so important to relax daily and weekly. This will help with stressful moments or events in your life. Mediate weekly in a quiet place and sit with no sound or use the Calm App to listen to the birds chirping or the ocean waves,  whatever soft sound that can help relax you. This gives you the opportunity to regroup. At work you can also use this app to take a break from your desk and go for a walk with the Calm App or just want with no sound on your lunch hour. Its very important to break up the day with a way to relax and regroup. Everyday there are new and exciting  events that happen some challenging and others are easy breezy. Why not be ready for whatever the day brings JuS DeW U "Ready 4 it All" 

JuS DeW U 

There is no other way to JuS DeW U.  Spiritually, staying locked in with your spiritual guide. Reading the word, praising  and worshiping with people like yourself to continue to elevate of your spirit. Mediation, Relaxation are all part to that. Mentally, staying focused on you is key. Keeping yourself balanced reading battlefield of the mind by Joyce Meyers can be a start. It can also be a good re-read. Most of all making sure you're okay. Knowing its okay to  seek professional assistance. If needed.  Financial stability is also  very important it funds your gifts and talents. Not to mention your necessities while you stay on the path to your goals. Physically, you need the energy on a daily basis. Good health is necessary to start and finish all your plans. Your mind feeds off your body so getting in shape will be the best course of action to making  it happen.  Love U because no one can do it better and its gonna take the love for self to with stand every obstacle that you will encounter. Be U  because it takes far too much time, talent and treasure plus energy to be anyone else. 4 U why  NOT,  after all it takes you to make it happen.

Create A Path

Becoming the best you that your happy with will shine a positive light on you and how you managed to get there. Together lets create and share how we can, have and be the creator of a path to  JuS DeW U. 

Pass It On

Join the wavy of JuS DeW U. There is no other way. Being positive, focused and motivated to go for it all. Whatever makes you overjoyed inside anticipating doing whatever it is you love and grateful you have the opportunity it. Is all the more reason to pass it on. Showing and telling people to JuS DeW U.

Be The Light

There is no other way to JuS DeW U. Together lets be the light held to view the path to JuS DeW U. 

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Love Yourself